What Business Owners MUST Know BEFORE They Commit To Having A Web Site

Q1.Why would I need a web site?

- Improve my service by providing the existing clients with useful resources

That will help me to build up the loyalty of the clientele and get returning clients.

Examples: my contact details, this month special, technical info on the products.

- Obtain new clients via Internet That is how I am going to make new sales.

Example: local resident searching for "car dealers Geelong" on Google, will find my web site with latest stock details and pricing.

- My strongest competitors already have web sites! That is how I am going to match and beat them in the competition.

Q2.How am I going to achieve my online business goals?

A2.Initially I will have a nice but not an expensive web site.

It will be positioned on major search engines and drive potential clients to my business. It will be supported by a smart Internet marketing strategy tailored for specifically for my business.

That may include pay-per-click, email marketing or other methods. I will be spending more money on my web site only AFTER it starts generating income.

Q3.What is my web site checklist?

A3.Domain name registration, web hosting, web design, SEO - optimisation for search engines, Internet marketing, web site updates and web site maintenance.

These services are provided by different types of businesses. Some companies can deliver a complete web site service. I am going to ask my providers BEFORE I sign up how they are going to contribute to achieving of my online business goals. I will not sign up if they talk megabytes and technologies. I am interested in visitors and dollars!

Q4.What if I already have a web site?

A4.No matter how good is my web site - it will age.

I need to update it every 6 - 12 months. If your web site does not have a consistent targeted web traffic I may never get a Return On Investment.

If it is a case - my web site may need an immediate makeover.

Q5.What are the typical web site expenses, including hidden?


- Web site design and development: $500+ (one off)
- Web site hosting: $240+ (annually)
- Web site marketing: $50+ (monthly)
- Web site update and maintenance: $30+ (monthly)

Q6.What type of web site is for me?

A6.Typically there are 3 types of web sites on the Internet.

Depending on my type of business, its size and targeted audience I should choose from:

1.Basic presence on the Internet

Internet version of my business card and online brochure. Benefits:

- extended branding of my business

- all hours availability of information for EXISTING clients

- improved image of my business

- professional email address instead of my local ISP

Examples: legal and accounting firms, printing.
Costs:$500+, annual maintenance $250+

2.Powerful marketing tool
Interactive web site.


- make existing clients return again and again

- establishing special relationship with clients

- get NEW clients

Example: hardware shop, travel agency.
Costs: $1500+, annual maintenance $500+

3.Additional sales channel
e-commerce web site suits retailers and wholesalers of goods. Works really well if brands and characteristics of products are well known or easy to explain. Great business value if the price is right.

Examples: stationary suppliers, books CDs,DVDs
Costs:$2500+, annual maintenance $1000+

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