Tips for Buying Used Golf Clubs

Used golf clubs can be great for those who are on a budget, don't play much, or just want a spare set. They certainly aren't for everybody, but many will find that they can get the job done just fine. Here are a few tips if your looking for used golf clubs.

Research Different Clubs

You will need to do some research and see what's out there. This applies to new or used clubs. You may want to consider renting some clubs and asking a friend what is good. Check places like ebay. The idea is to know what your looking for and what suits your style of play.

Checking out the Clubs

When you find a set of used clubs you like you will need to see if they are in good condition. The first place you will need to check is the clubheads. You need to make sure the groves are still there and aren't fading away. Make sure they have no dents or spots that show extreme amount of wear. If your buying a whole set you will need to check every club.

Check the Grips and Shafts

The next part of the clubs that need checking is the grips and shaft. If the grips on the clubs are showing cracks and are looking worn out you may need to re-grip them. Re-griping the club isn't expensive, but if all the clubs need it you may want to look elsewhere.

The shafts should be checked for bends and cracks. You need to make sure there is no weakness in the shaft. The best way to check the shaft is to actually try the club out.


The best way to buy used clubs is to take them for a trial run. You really don't know how well they will perform on the course until you try them. Of course you may not always be able to try out the clubs. That's where you need to follow the advice above. It should help you stay out of trouble.

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